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Gemstone Roundtables

Gemstone Roundtables are events where jewelers invite eight to twenty gem loving customers in for a luncheon or evening showing to indulge in their passion for colored gems. It is this blend of education and entertainment.

A “Gemstone Roundtable” is not about the food or wine, nor is it designed to include a lengthy-educational lecture, or a design consultation. “Gemstone Roundtables” are designed to introduce gemstones to somewhat educated buyers.

The “Gemstones Roundtable” are either held in the jeweler’s store or a private room outside of the store. Roundtables take place over three or four hours thus giving participants an intimate connection with each and every parcel.


Rules of The Game

How it Works

Gary “The Gem Hunter” sets at one end of the table and the jeweler at the other end. The jeweler introduces Gary and the jeweler’s assistants. Then the jeweler explains the rules of the showing.

Gary will be passing some 150 gem parcel papers with gemstones of a wide variety of colors, prices and cuts to the right. Each person has the ability to inspect each gem and place it on their hand and read the information on the parcel paper. Then pass it on to your right.

Each parcel paper has the following information:

  1. Number of the gem
  2. Name of the gem
  3. The shape or cut of the gem
  4. Any treatments
  5. Weight of the gem
  6. Price of the gem
  7. The country of origin)
  8. The cutter or carver’s name

After looking at a gemstone you have the right to place a “dib” (hold) on the gem before passing it to the next gem lover. This is done verbally and repeated by the jeweler’s assistants. Other gem lovers may also place “dibs” on the same gem as it is past around the table. “Dibs” will be written down by the jeweler’s assistant with a clipboard after which the assistant will repeat out loud out load the customer’s name and that he/she has placed a dib on gemstone number _?_.

After each gemstone has been passed around the table for all to see, the jeweler’s assistants will place the gem in front of the first “dibber.”

Once all gems have been passed and the jeweler’s assistants have a written list of all the “dibs.” Each customer reviews the gemstone in front of them and makes a determination as to which ones they will purchase. They will then call a jeweler’s assistant and hand over any gems they do not care to purchase. The assistant then hands the gemstone to the second dibber and so on down the line. This way each gem lover can decide which gems they want to take home. They can further discuss the gems with Gary “The Gem Hunter” and with the jeweler.

Remember this is a snooze, you lose atmosphere! Any questions????

OK!!! Let’s get started!

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2021 Gemstone Rountable Schedule


July 27 - 29th , 2021

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